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Wet Basement Waterproofing – Sump Pumps Installation & More!


A basement is often the most neglected part of a house. This dark, damp and dingy place serves no other purpose in many households other than storage place for old, broken things that your family has grown tired of, but not ready to let go of, just yet. But what many homeowners don’t realize is that their basement offers a great opportunity for home expansion!

Your basement can be cleaned, repaired, remodeled and converted into a bar, a library, a mini-theater, a family room, a computer room, etc. The possibilities are truly limitless! đŸ˜‰

Before we get into more details, here are some important elements that you absolutely positively must consider. Your basement must have the following:

  • Make sure your basement is waterproofed.
  • Your basement must have sump pump fitted with back-up and alarm system.
  • Your basement walls must be sealed and finished.
  • The floor must be comfortable, dry and warm.
  • There must be no leaking from defective plumbing and drainage system.
  • Dehumidify your basement space.
  • Inspect the exterior part of your basement for any source of leaks and moist.

Let’s discuss some of these general ideas:

Waterproofing System

basement-waterproofing-process Properly waterproofing your basement space is one of the most crucial step in basement finishing process; Water seepage is one of the most serious problems affecting any basement. This is because of its proximity to the ground and it being a place where the house’s plumbing system converge. Fix any water seepage problem before proceeding with your other plans for your basement, not after. The water-proofing system must cover your basement’s entire perimeter, including the exterior walls.

Sump Pump Fitted With Alarm and Back-Up Systems

A pump keeps the basement dry. A pump must be fitted with an alarm system to alert you if it is not working, so you can immediately attend to it before the floor gets wet. Before you invest your hard-earned money to finish your basement, you must install a back-up system that is batter-operated, in case the pump breaks down. This back-up pump will pump out the water automatically when there’s power interruption or the primary pump develops a mechanical failure.

Sealing and Finishing Walls

Basement leak problems can affect the entire floor, from the base to the ceiling. Water vapors can also seep through the basement causing humidity, mold, and mildew issues. A high-quality water-resistant sealant that comes with mold inhibitor will be a good protection against mold and water. A good finishing for your basement walls is a waterproof paneling system designed for functionality and appearance.

Lastly, if your basement floor is not dry and warm. The basement floor is directly in contact with the ground, making it extremely vulnerable to water seepage, mold growth, moisture and other problems.

Install a floor-matting system that is made of polypropylene material fitted with a tongue-and-groove square tile. This floor-matting system is more waterproof and vapor-proof than other flooring options like wood.

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