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Top DIY Baby Shower Decoration Ideas


If done right, decorations for a baby shower can give the whole event that special feeling of exciting anticipation of the coming baby, highlight the warmth and love of family and friends, as well as celebrate the sweet joy of motherhood. To achieve the right mood and to set the tone of the party, decorations do not need to be over the top or expensive. Instead, think: cute, creative, and heartfelt. Personalized, thoughtful decorations that you can create either yourself or with a bunch of enthusiastic friends will mean a lot more to the mommy-to-be than the generic stuff from the store. For an enchanting space that will put a smile on everyone’s face, consider these 17 easy and fun to make baby shower decorating ideas.


It is all about Cute Little Details!

Ideally, you want the whole space to be a reminder of the coming baby and all the wonderful new experiences the little one will bring. The best way to accomplish this is to spread out small, eye-catching decorations all over the room. Make them fun to pick up, look at, and fiddle around with, just like a baby would do with his/her toys.

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Some examples are:


1. Make a bunch of bright colorful origami animals and flowers that you can place on top of the coffee table, book shelf, or any other surface where they can be easily spotted.

baby-shower-cake-with-sugar-frog source

2. Hang baby shoes on the front door, and on the doorknob of the living room or dining room.

3. Place towers of alphabet and picture blocks, as well as picture books and rubber toys on coffee tables and shelves around the room.

4. If there are any mirrors in the room, you can also decorate them with wooden toy blocks. Mount them all around the perimeter of the mirror using double sided tape, so that you can take them off later. To create a charming quality, use blocks of different sizes and colors, and arrange them in a random fashion.

Get creative with food


Food is one of the most important aspects of a memorable baby shower. So in addition to making delicious food, why not make play around with decor related to food, or even venture out into making food be the decor itself? You can make it simple or fancy, but you can be sure the guests will appreciate your creativity.

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Some examples are:

5. Stuff jelly beans, skittles, M&Ms, and of course mommy-to-be favorite candy into baby bottles and empty baby food jars. Place them all over the room for guests to snack on.


6. Use baby pacifiers as napkin rings.

7. Make eatable arrangements out of cut out pieces of fruits such as watermelons, pineapples, cantaloupes, grapes, and strawberries. These can also make beautiful centerpieces.

8. Use a new baby bathtub to serve punch or sangria to guests. For boatloads of fun, serve drinks out of baby bottles, and have contests who can drink it the fastest.

9. Another great use for baby bottles is for condiments such as ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, etc. Cut the nipple of the bottle to make it bigger for better flow.

Make it personal

Nothing is more touching for an expectant mother than personalized things handmade by her own family and friends. The guests will love the process of creation as well, since this will give each one of them an extra chance to give a special message to the mommy-to-be.


For example:

10. Ask each guest at the party to create a personalized card with a picture on the front and a word of advice for the mommy-to-be inside, using colorful crayons and markers. Place these cards around the room as decorations, which the mommy-to-be can collect at the end of the party, and read.

11. Put together a photo garland of the expectant parents’ own childhood. You can either create a timeline or string together cute and funny pictures of them in no particular order. These make really memorable decorations, especially if other family members, such as grandparents are present as well.

Make it playful


12. You can never go wrong with having lots of different kinds of balloons at a baby shower. For an extra playful flair make animal balloon decorations. You can create different animals using helium-filled balloons. Cut features and legs out of tissue paper, which will not weigh down balloons; cut ears out of a lightweight paper that will not flop, such as vellum. Attach the parts with double-sided tape (make sure that the ears have tabs).

Use Bright Festive Colors

The easiest way to create a happy, festive atmosphere at a baby shower is to use fresh, bright colors. It is also a great idea to use some of mommy-to-be’s favorite colors in ways that she would notice, such as displaying fresh flowers of her favorite color.

Some ways to include colors into the decor are:

13. Have a large bouquet of flowers as a centerpiece, and/or spread out a bunch of individual flowers around the room.

14. Use colorful napkins, plates, cups, tablecloth, etc


15. As a centerpiece, build a cupcake tower with bright colorful frosting.

16. Set colorful plush toys on the sofa, coffee table, shelves, etc

17. For an extra warm feel, light bright, different color candles all around the room.

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