Top 10 Home Design & Decor Trends for Fall

Fall is just around the corner, meaning that soon we will spending a whole lot more time in and around our homes rather than at the beach! 🙂 That being said, here are the top 10 home trends for the Fall to help ignite your imagination for seasonal home design and decor updates:

1. Deep Seating Patio Furniture is in Style even in the Fall!

Even in the Fall, people still want to be outdoors! That’s why deep seating patio sets are all the rage, especially when they are tastefully combined with a beautiful deck or patio, or placed around a fire pit.

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2. Outdoor Propane Heater to Keep Your Deck Comfy and Warm!

Of course placing an outdoor heater on the deck is also a great way to extend your outdoor season and enjoy the colors and sounds of the beautiful Fall season! 😉

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3. Dark Green Kitchen Cabinets for the Classy Look and Feel

In terms of the interior design and home decor trends, we are seeing dark green kitchen cabinets are gaining in popularity again.

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Did you know? Dark green cabinets can give your kitchen that somewhat rustic yet classy look and feel mixture in terms of design.

4. Darker Cabinets and Wooden Floors – A classy rustic mix

Darker cabinets mix in well with the open design kitchen layouts, coupled with hardwood floors, or imitation wood tiles.

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5. Open Layout Kitchens with Hardwood Floors for Seamless Comfort throughout the Kitchen and Living Room Space

In case of hardwood floors and open layout kitchens, we are seeing hardwood floors extending all the way into the living room for that ultimate feel of rustic comfort and beauty! 🙂

6. Accent Ceilings can add that interesting look and comfy feel to your kitchen

Accent ceilings are also becoming a popular option for kitchen spaces.

7. Quartzite Countertops with Mixed Colors – A touch of Style, Durability and Performance

Speaking of kitchens, quartzite countertops (real stone, not quartz which is an imitation stone composite) are now on trend over prominently placed kitchen islands.

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8. Dark Coffee Tables and Designer Shelves will add a touch of classic beauty to your living room

In the living rooms, it’s all about cozy, tasteful furniture, dark wood coffee tables, designer shelves made of wood, dark walls, and fancy arm chairs over a classy rug.

via The Mine

9. Matte Black Light Fixtures for Kitchens and Bathrooms

In both, bathroom and the kitchen, matte black light fixtures and faucets are now very much in style.

10. Upholstered Bed Headboards and Patterned Bedding Designs

In the bedroom, we are seeing custom, upholstered headboards, and interesting patterns of bedding replacing the boring white bed sheets.

How will you improve and decorate your home for the Fall season?

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