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Window Treatment Installation Ideas to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Are you one of the many homeowners looking for ways to save money on your utilities and appliance uses during the Summer, Winter, and year round?

installing window film

Did you know that by controlling the amount of sunlight, specifically infra-red or invisible radiation entering your house or patio, you can cut down your cooling and heating bills, while regulating the comfort and temperature at your home? What’s more, creating energy-efficiency throughout the interior and exterior of your home can also enhance its appearance. 🙂

One way to do this is to invest in window coverings and window treatments. — Using these environmentally-friendly methods helps control the amount of light and hence infrared radiation coming in, while also creating insulating or cooling benefits/effects in your home.

Windows have a real impact on heating and cooling costs in many homes and in many climates. Treatments over windows can also account for a large percentage of a homeowners heating bill in the winter, too, as cold air has the ability to find its way into our home through leaky windows, cracks in the windows linings and more. What’s worse, the warm air can escape through the same cracks, making your heating system work in an over-drive mode, and thus costing you more money in energy expenses. During the summer, your air conditioner must work harder to cool hot air from sunny windows. It’s best to reduce energy costs by installing energy-efficient windows, doors or skylights.

Knowing what to look for in choosing the correct window treatments can save you money, while also helping to conserve energy and adding style to your home. Insulating your home from both extreme heat and wintry cold can have a measurable impact on your electricity bills and instantly improve your home’s energy efficiency.

In some cases, controlled sunlight streaming into your home for hours on end can be a marvelous thing in some environments. For instance, when it’s 10 degrees below zero in Minneapolis in January, letting in an abundant stream of light can have a great psychological effect as well as a great heat-inducing effect on the house. Mid-day sunlight can build up warmth inside a home, and let you reduce the use of your home heating system during the peak energy hours. However, that same situation in the middle of Summer in Phoenix, Arizona might not work so well. You see, there’s too much light and warmth throughout the Arizona summer months in this desert city, and many inhabitants do what the animals do. They cover up the light coming into their homes, just as the animals crawl underground and under rocks to prevent themselves from feeling the heat.

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