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Top 50 Bathroom Design & Decor Ideas, Plus their Costs

When focusing on interior design, bathrooms are often overlooked and neglected. Reclaiming your lavatory as a stylish space which fits well with the rest of the house not only increases the value of your home, it can also turn a functional room into a personal sanctuary. Read on to learn what to expect from bathroom design in the upcoming year!

To help you navigate this list, it’s broken into the following categories:



1. Asian-Inspired

Asian designs are minimalistic and serene. Its open, flowing design incorporates natural elements with indoor décor. Walls become curved, showers transform into waterfalls and stone motifs make you feel as if you’re in a garden.

2. Spa-Inspired

Spa-inspired bathrooms bring the feel of being on vacation to your home. The design is modern, yet tranquil and luxurious. It turns the bathroom into a place of escape and rejuvenation.

3. French-Luxury

French designs are luxurious with modern elements. It incorporates modern comforts and richness with marble, wood vanities and crystal chandeliers. Think glamorous dressing area.


4. Open Space

Credits: Willman Interiors

Regardless of the style, open space is the key feature of modern bathrooms.

5. Large Showers

Large, open-framed showers with waterfall or multi-showerheads are another key element of modern design.

6. Large Free-standing Tubs

Built-in tubs with jets are being replaced with large, free standing tubs such as a hammock-shaped, bowl-shaped, vessel-shaped, or Japanese soaking tubs. Image Credit: Splinter Works

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Amazing DIY Bathtub Design Ideas and Cost 2017 Update

Is this the time you replace that dingy bath tub to give your bathroom a touch of beauty and style it deserves? 😉

Well, it’s getting really warm out, with Summer officially here, and I must say there is no better way to get warm and cozy (or to cool off a bit from a long day at work) than taking a nice long soaking in a comfy bathtub! 😉 So are you a bath junkie, looking for a new beautiful tub to soak in? It is easy to dive into the endless possibilities of bathtub looks, styles and finishes, and lose track of such important considerations as cost, comfort, quality, and fit.


Between your budget, personal needs, space limitations, materials and aesthetic design preferences, this guide will help you zero-in on your dream bathtub.

bathtub surrounded by natural stones and design candles

Placement Options

If you are replacing an old tub, or installing one into an existing bathroom space, than you may face certain limitations as to the type of tub you may be able to install. Your existing tub, especially if it was a built-in one, walled from three-sides, may only allow you to install the same size/type of tub, only a different material. Similarly, the size of your bathroom and its other fixtures such as a shower, toilets, sink and cabinetry may limit the location and size of your new tub. You can significantly increase your bathtub options, if you are willing to spend more money on major modifications to your electric wiring, plumbing, possibly rearrange/move other fixtures or do a gut renovation.

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Bathroom Renovation Trends to Make a Note of

The best way to remodel your bathroom is to create a functional, stylish, elegant and modern place where you can unwind after a hard working day and refresh yourself, leaving all worries behind. Thoughtfully designing your bathroom space and using the right materials will make it stylish not only this year, but more importantly, it will work for your family for decades to come.

Smart Design and Energy Efficiency:


To maximize your space within your budget, your bathroom can be updated to be more energy efficient this year. Energy saving, bathroom lighting, as well as smart water saving faucets, with photo elements and remote controls. Here are the main smart design ideas for you to remodel and update your bathroom:

Water-Saving Showerheads, Faucets and Toilets


Installing water-saving faucets and showerheads will save you gallons of water use. Another energy saver is a use of a two-button dual-flush toilet. These dual flush designs only use a fraction of the water regular toilets use. Faucets, showerheads and toilets designs are stylish and will definitely move your bathroom design to a new level.

Bathroom Lighting

A well-designed way to provide your bathroom a spa-like feeling is to use energy efficient ambient lights. Bathroom lighting design is an area where planning should be very important, as far as energy efficiency goes. Proper consideration in lighting arrangement will save you money by using this method when remodeling. As a result, you will have both an attractive style of your bathroom and energy efficiency.

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