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Bathroom Renovation Trends to Make a Note of

The best way to remodel your bathroom is to create a functional, stylish, elegant and modern place where you can unwind after a hard working day and refresh yourself, leaving all worries behind. Thoughtfully designing your bathroom space and using the right materials will make it stylish not only this year, but more importantly, it will work for your family for decades to come.

Smart Design and Energy Efficiency:


To maximize your space within your budget, your bathroom can be updated to be more energy efficient this year. Energy saving, bathroom lighting, as well as smart water saving faucets, with photo elements and remote controls. Here are the main smart design ideas for you to remodel and update your bathroom:

Water-Saving Showerheads, Faucets and Toilets


Installing water-saving faucets and showerheads will save you gallons of water use. Another energy saver is a use of a two-button dual-flush toilet. These dual flush designs only use a fraction of the water regular toilets use. Faucets, showerheads and toilets designs are stylish and will definitely move your bathroom design to a new level.

Bathroom Lighting

A well-designed way to provide your bathroom a spa-like feeling is to use energy efficient ambient lights. Bathroom lighting design is an area where planning should be very important, as far as energy efficiency goes. Proper consideration in lighting arrangement will save you money by using this method when remodeling. As a result, you will have both an attractive style of your bathroom and energy efficiency.

Insulated Windows

To prevent your bathroom from getting either too cold or too hot, you can install windows that can insulate it. Realizing that windows can either use or save you the energy in your bathroom, current trends seem to indicate specifying windows with a certified energy saving rating. There are different designs and colors, which provide you with plenty of choices when planning your bathroom renovation.

Simple with clean lines, contemporary sleek and minimalist bathroom sink, tiles, blend of classic and contemporary sinks, and wise storage designs will likely continue to be the trend for the second half of the year.

Bathroom Sink Designs

Have you though that bathroom sinks can be designed with integrated shelves and faucets? Contemporary faucets, horizontal showers, and color changing lighting fixtures add beautiful new designs to modern bathrooms and offer space saving and ergonomic bathroom design.

bathroom sink design ideas
bathroom sink design ideas


Do you know that updating old tile with new designs immediately adds a modern look to your bathroom? The most popular trend with bathroom wall tiles is to create a beautiful nature-looking relaxing wall, a tile mosaic on the floor or in the shower.

Bathroom Wall Tiles Design Ideas
Bathroom Wall Tiles Design Ideas

Be assured, that attractive and practical ceramic tiles and wall tiles are popular choices for modern bathroom design this year. Imagine—a little tile can go a long way to make your bathroom look brand new and renovated!

Wood Furniture and Bathroom Mirror Frame

Would you think that the luxurious blend of contemporary and classic bathroom sinks with wood furniture give modern bathrooms very exclusive and expensive look? Setting up your bathroom with classic furniture will bring the beauty and a feeling of a natural wood into your modern bathroom space. If you will add beautiful mirrors and lighting, this wood furniture will create stunning, classic and warm interior using this retro-modern bathroom design trend.

wood furniture ideas for bathrooms
wood furniture ideas for bathrooms


Did you ever think about the ways to get rid of visible clutter in your bathroom? You can achieve it by amplifying your storage so the clutter is out of sight. You can add vanity tower or even new cabinets to what you already have. Another option is to look for vanities with internal shelves, and drawers with built-in dividers. It will keep you organized even when you do not have time to make an order in your bathroom.

bathroom storage ideas
bathroom storage ideas


As you can see, simple and streamlined is the major bathroom remodeling trend of this year. Contemporary sleek, minimalist and energy efficient continues to be the trend for the first half of the year. I am sure that you will enjoy the transformation of your bathroom by incorporating some of the ideas and trends that this year has to offer! 🙂

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