Welcome to RemodelingImage.com — the best darn home remodeling and HVAC resource west of Mississippi River! 😉

My name is Alex and I am the chief editor of RemodelingImage.com. I got my start in the home remodeling space back in college, when I was going to school part time, while working full-time at a green home improvement and home energy-efficiency company in Massachusetts.

Later, I also attended a professional HVAC school where I learned how to install common residential HVAC systems including oil boilers, gas furnaces, and electric systems such as heat exchange pumps and ductless mini-split systems.

I also got my own real estate license in the state of Massachusetts and ventured into the fixer-upper rehabbing and house-flipping space.

Rehabbing and flipping houses on the West Coast: I’ve moved out from Massachusetts five years ago and currently reside in one of the eclectic cities on the West Coast where I have completed multiple successful house rehabs and flips since moving here five years ago.

Earning my stripes in the Green Home Remodeling Space:

The lessons I learned rehabbing and flipping houses and helping others with their home remodels and house flips are truly invaluable. In fact, my home remodeling, HVAC, and house flipping lessons are the main inspiration behind this website!

My Expertise with Exterior and Interior Home Remodels and HVAC Projects

While working for a green home remodeling company back in Massachusetts starting in early 2,000s, I’ve personally managed numerous exterior remodeling projects including siding, roofing, and window replacements, fencing, and decking jobs, which gave me a broad perspective of how all the different exterior home remodeling projects tie together.

In terms of the interior home remodels and upgrades, I’ve completed several full kitchen remodels and bathroom renovations as a contractor and doing my own house flips, as a side hustle.

later, after completing my formal classes at the HVAC school, I’ve installed numerous heating and cooling systems including oil and gas, ground-source and air-source heat exchange pumps, and more.

Most of the HVAC work I did centers on the split heating and cooling systems, but I’ve done enough work with the traditional oil boilers and gas furnaces to draw on my field experience coupled with the formal HVAC classes to speak intelligently to all residential HVAC systems.

Real Estate and House Flipping

The lessons I’ve learned from rehabbing and flipping two challenging fixer-uppers are truly invaluable. If you are into the whole house flipping game, this site will be a great resource for you.

If you simply want to sell your home, then let my experience of helping others to prepare and successfully sell their homes be your guiding light.

Why I started Remodeling Image

I started this website, RemodelingImage.com because I wanted to share some of the important and critical home remodeling and real estate lessons I learned from my first-hand experiences with exterior and interior home remodels and energy efficiency focused home improvements.

The Impact RemodelingImage.com is Making

Over the years, a lot of homeowners facing tough home remodeling situations and decisions have come to view Remodeling Image as a trusted source of home remodeling information and HVAC related tips and advice.

Let my home improvement experience be your guiding light!

Hope you enjoy reading, learning, and gleaning valuable HVAC and home remodeling insights from RemodelingImage.com!

How to Bring in Alex (your humble host) as a Contributing Author to Your Home related Publication?

If you are looking to bring in an expert with real world expertise and experience in home remodeling, house rehabbing and flipping, and HVAC, I would be happy to explore a possibility to contribute my knowledge to your Home related website or Remodeling and Real Estate (House Rehabbing and Flipping) focused publication.

How to contact me:

You can reach me at [email protected] or via the simple email form here.

I welcome meaningful and sincere emails that can benefit my website and my readers.

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