20 Benefits and Advantages of Strip LED Lights for Homes

When deciding to make the switch from conventional incandescent lighting to an Eco-friendly alternative, don’t limit yourself to CFLs or LED bulbs. Instead, consider using LED strip lights. They are an excellent choice for functionality, as well as for a variety of decorative uses.

And thanks to their overall durability and longevity, range of colors, and LED strip lights can be used almost anywhere. Here are more reasons why you should consider them:

1. Easy Installation

Most LED light strips come with adhesive on the back that allows you to “peel and stick” them wherever you like to place the strips.


2. Energy Efficient

LED lights use up to 75 percent less energy than incandescent lights and up to 50 percent less than CFLs, making them a superior lighting source for energy efficiency.

3. Flexibility

The central feature of LED strip lights is their flexibility. Unlike bulbs, they can be attached to curved surfaces, corners or molded into almost any shape.

4. Non-Toxic

Unlike fluorescents, LED lights do not contain mercury or other harsh chemicals. Therefore, they don’t require special disposal or pose a health risk if dropped.

5. Durable

LED lights are built with durable components that are made to withstand harsh conditions. They are designed to hold up to heavy vibrations, outside elements and external impacts.

6. Cost Effective

Although the initial cost of LED lights is more than their counterparts, their long-life, durability and energy-efficiency make them more cost effective.

If the sticker shock is still holding you back, LED light strips may be the best way to begin. Most will be less expensive than LED bulbs and a great way to see the value before making a complete switch. You will also save money on maintenance, tools and lighting fixtures.

7. Environmentally-friendly

LED lights can be recycled since they have no harsh chemicals. Plus, their longevity and low energy use make them the ideal solution to Eco-friendly lighting.

8. Low Temperature

Conventional bulbs use 90 percent of their energy as heat and CFL’s use 80 percent, whereas LED’s stay completely cool. This makes LED’s excellent to use in children, pet and heat sensitive areas.

9. Waterproof

Strip LED lights are available in waterproof tubes or ribbons. They are excellent to use in fish tanks, on vehicles and in outdoor areas.

10. Variety of Uses

LED light strips have unlimited uses. They allow you to be as creative as you would like to be with your lighting.

11. Design Appeal

LED backlight kit for TV
via Monster Mounts

The use of lighting in design has never been more simple or inspiring. Install under cabinet LED light strips; backlight your television or create a virtual sky in your ceiling. The design options are infinite.

12. Quality Light

Manufacturers have worked to make the quality of light in LED lighting much more appealing by producing lights that have warm hues as well as bright, cool hues.

13. Safety

LED lights are by far the safest lights to use.

14. Variety of Colors

You can choose from a variety of solid colors or choose a color-changing LED light strip.

15. Long Life Expectancy

LED lights have a life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours. Unlike standard lighting, instead of burning out they emit lower output levels and become less bright.

16. Customizable
You can customize LED light strips to fit any area by cutting it to the desired length.

17. Low UV Emissions

Strip LED lights emit very little infrared or UV light. This makes them perfect for use around light sensitive materials, such as artwork.

18. Better Light Dispersement

High quality LED light strips can create beautiful light dispersement effect.

19. Instant Lighting

Unlike florescent bulbs, LED lights don’t need to heat up to illuminate. As soon as you flip the switch you will receive instant lighting, as opposed to flickering associated with CFLs.

20. Ability to Dim

Technology has come a long way in terms of lighting. You can now find LED lights that have the ability to dim, enabling you to create the perfect mood and ambiance.

Long gone are the days of cold, bright LED lights. The quality and variety of hues and colors available on the market allows you to create a beautiful space while saving money and the environment. Buy a set of LED strip lights and let your imagination run wild. You’ll be amazed at the possibilities.

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